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MAY 2014

We have developed and now offer for sale a paradigm shift in Hydraulic Workholding technology! A VFD, Variable Frequency Drive, Hydraulic Power Unit for hydraulic clamping control on any CNC high speed high precision milling machine.

We can show energy savings in the 80 to 99.25% range.(Independent Engineering Report availible)

This will change the way Automated Hydraulic Workholding is done at present and offer manufacturers another way to be more cost competative with the inherent energy savings.


August 1, 2015

We are now the distributor and warranty depot for ORBIT aluminum cylinders.

ORBIT is Canadian engineered and manufactured, 10,000 PSI. Aluminum High Tonnage Cylinders to compete with existing foreign made, premium priced, aluminum cylinders now on the market. ie. Enerpac, Simplex and Power Team.

These Superior cylinders will compete with the existing steel offering at same price with less than 1/2 the weight!

That is correct, Aluminum Cylinders at the same price and less than 1/2 the weight of equivalent steel cylinders!

We offer a full range of single acting, double acting and hollow designs, from 30 Ton to 150 Ton

Larger tonnages also availible up to 500 Ton on request.

Collar threads, Plunger threads and Base mounting threads are also availible at a reasonable cost.

We repair and warranty these cylinders and supply replacement parts as required.

Our deliveries are 3-4 wks. aro.

Please contact us with your questions, we look forward to helping you with your requirements

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